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The Collaborative Law Section is comprised of attorneys whose aim is to educate legal and client communities about collaborative law; to improve and enhance the practice of collaborative law, to identify the practitioners of collaborative law for the benefit of the public; and to provide a forum for interaction among collaborative law practitioners from all disciplines of the law.

Update on the Uniform Collaborative Law Act

In 2009, the UCLA was unanimously approved by the Uniform Law Commission. In considering enactment, the Commission gave states a choice whether the UCLA will be limited to family law maters, or to enact the UCLA with no limitation as to scope. As of June 30, 2013, enactments and introductions are as follows: Enactments:
1. District of Columbia: scope limited to family law
2. Hawaii: no limit as to scope
3. Nevada: scope limited to family law
4. Ohio: scope limited to family law
5. Texas: scope limited to family law
6. Utah: no limit as to scope
7. Washington: no limit as to scope
8. Alabama: scope limited to family law and probate

Introductions in 2013:
1. Illinois (HB 1029, House Rules): no limit as to scope
2. Massachusetts (HB 34 / House Judiciary): no limit as to scope
3. New Mexico (SB 401 / Died on Adjournment): scope limited to family law
4. Oklahoma (SB 238 / Senate Judiciary): scope limited to family law
5. South Carolina (HB 3715 / House Judiciary): no limit as to scope

The 2011 Session of the Texas Legislature enacted the Collaborative Family Law Act, which applies to matters arising under Title 1 or 5 of the Family Code.

A group of collaborative practitioners is drafting a Uniform Collaborative Law Act that will be introduced in the 2015 Session of the Texas Legislature, adding a new a new Chapter 161 to the Civil Practices & Remedies Code. The Act will have no limit as to scope; thereby, extending the benefits and protections of the collaborative law statute to parties who wish to use the collaborative process to resolve their dispute in all areas of law.

The Drafting Committee welcomes your input and support for enactment of the UCLA in 2015. For more information regarding the drafting process and to provide input to the Drafting Committee, contact Larry Maxwell, chair of the section’s Legislative Committee.

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